Are Contests Really Free

Yes. All contests are free to enter.

How Does This Work

We get cryptocurrency, or other digital prizes from sponsors, or purchase them from ad revenue generated from this site. We then run contents where one or more users can win those prizes. The more users we get, the more contests we should be able to run and more prizes can be given away!

How Do Referrals Work

If someone lists your account name as their referrer when signing up, if they win any cryptocurrency prize, then you receive 5% of that prize total. This is a bonus amount provided by TBD Sweeps and is not deducted from the actual prize. This only applies to prizes that are divisible, i.e., if we give out a game code this does not apply – as we cannot give you a percent of a code.

If you want to send a friend a referral link just use:

What Are The Rules

Each contest has its own set of rules. However, in general, you need to be of legal age to enter into contests and in an area where these contests are permitted. By entering into any of our contests, you affirm that this is the the case. Registration on the site may be required for some contests.

Can I Sponsor A Giveaway

Almost certainly. If you would like sponsor a contest, or would like to promote something in a giveaway, please contact us.

I Still Have Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.