Big Weekly Contest!

Big Weekly Contest

We’ve got a new bigger than usual weekly TRBO coin giveaway this week due to a generous donation! 5 lucky winners will each receive 1,000 TRBO coins. Also some minor UI changes have been made to the site. Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues navigating the site so we can try to improve it going forward!

Weekly Contest!

Weekly Contest!

Since it has been a little slow getting users to meet the 1,000 minimum entries starting off, we have added a new weekly contest with no restriction of minimal entries. An issue with the Steam game contest has also been addressed, which was limiting users to 1 entry ever – instead of daily. Please let us know if you run into any issues using the site and best of luck!

End of September

End Of September

There was a brief outage for the contests today (9/26) due to a small technical glitch, where I needed to roll back the end dates. I was a little over optimistic in my guess at when they might reach 1,000 entries. So far, Doge Coin is still the most popular, with 7.2% of the needed entries submitted. Turbo is in 2nd place with 5.1%. Hopefully we can continue to get more people coming to the site and entering the contests, so we reach the minimum numbers to give some of these prizes away!

New Contests!

New Contests!

Three additional contests have been added to the site, with a focus on games! You can enter to win some Zenzo coins, a gaming based crypto currency; Dark Energy Crystals, the currency in the blockchain game Splinterlands; or enter to win a surprise Steam game code!

Week 1 Update

First Week Update

The site is coming along, with a new logo and new pages where you can verify your contest entries to give fuller transparency. There have not been enough entries at this point for any of the contests to end yet, so they are all being extended another week. There are still a few site improvements I would like to make, but I am also going to try to work on getting more users coming on board. I want to thank Chimaera from the Turbo/Moments Market community for all his feedback and all of the people from the Doge Reddit forums that have come over to check out the site!

Ad Network Issue

Ad Network Issue:

Well, off to a bit of a rocky start. After reports of ads forcing people to other sites, we have removed the Adsterra network. Currently we have replaced them with Anonymous Ads, and will continue to work to provide a safe user experience. Please let us know if you encounter any issues!